Coconut & Olive Oil Soap Bar

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All Natural Ingredients! Our soaps follow our raw ingredient objective.  Each soap bar is made with care and leaves your skin with an amazing aroma while feeling squeaky clean.  No oily or waxy residue left over. 


  • BEACHWOOD (black & White) - A fresh, citrus top with juniper berries and woodsy notes of vetiver and tobacco.

  • BUTT NAKED (blue & green) - A wonderful blend of tart apples, melon, strawberries and pears.

  • LEMON (yellow) - Sweet and zesty lemon.

  • LOVE (red) - A contemporary floral blend of cherry blossoms, peaches and white jasmine.

  • OATMEAL & HONEY (brown) - Creamy, rich, and sweet with creamy tones of oatmeal and the distinctive smell of honey.